Jam Sham

Details, details, details! Many of you may have an invite, some of you may be waiting, but don’t let that hold you up from RSVPing or booking anything that needs to be booked! Below is a summary of the wedding details, rules, regulations, how to get there, etc, etc. So, read on!


If you are related to Tam, you can skip this section. Just shoot an email to the address on the invite, or reach out to Tam or her parents to confirm your attendance.

If you are NOT related to Tam and need to RSVP, clicky or tap here! Hopefully this works fine for you smartphone users out there. 🙂


The wedding and reception are being held at San Dieguito Park in Del Mar, California. The ceremony is in the park’s Lower level. The reception is in the park’s Upper level. Guests will have to travel by car to the upper level after the ceremony.

San Dieguito

To reach the lower level, from Interstate 5 exit Lomas Santa Fe Drive. Head WEST on Lomas Santa Fe Dr. Turn LEFT onto Highland Dr. You will pass the upper level to your right, continue to El Camino Real and turn RIGHT. The entrance to the park will be on your right. When you enter the park, take the first right and then pull into the lot to the left to park. We’ll probably have signs to help.

To reach the upper level, exit the park and turn LEFT onto El Camino Real. Turn LEFT onto Highland Dr, the park entrance will be on your left. Pull in and park in the lot immediately in front of you. Follow the signs to the reception location.

There will be a $3 parking fee, so bring cash.


Get to the lower level by 2:15 pm, or many dirty looks shall be cast in your direction. When the ceremony concludes we’ll be heading up to the upper level for cocktail hour at 3:15 pm. Dinner starts at 5:00 pm, and everyone out at 7:00 pm.

Grub and grog

Technically we won’t have any grog there, but I wanted the alliteration to work. ANYWAY, we’ll have BBQ brisket, fried chicken, coleslaw, cornbread, water and sangria available for food and drink. Feel free to bring your own food if you have specific dietary needs. You can also bring your own beer and wine, but absolutely no spirits or hard liquor.


The attire is “Summer Casual.” Think a trip to a fancy restaurant by the beach, so things like a light summer dress, slacks, button-down shirt, nice sandals, etc. Remember, this is a wedding not a trip to the beach or club, so no mini-skirts, board shorts, flip-flops, t-shirts, or athletic gear. Also, keep in mind that the wedding is on grass, so 6″ stilettos may result in a trip to the hospital with a broken ankle.

Rules and Regs

There is absolutely NO SMOKING in the park. 

There will be NO PHOTOGRAPHY allowed during the ceremony! We are paying for a talented photographer to capture the ceremony, and we want to see your faces in the pictures, not a bunch of Apple logos or cell phone cases. Keep the phones, tablets, and digital cameras in your pocket or in the car. No exceptions will be made… seriously.

This is an adults only celebration. Babysitter time!

Again, no spirits or hard liquor are allowed in the park. Leave the flasks at home, or Tam and I will have some new scrap to melt down for parts.

Finally, respect the park. We’ve taken steps to reduce the environmental impact of this event as much as we can, so please do your part and help us keep this lovely park lovely.


We don’t have a traditional registry, since most of what we’d ask for would be a little odd, but in lieu of gifts we would love a little help with the wedding expenses and what not. 🙂 If PayPal works for you, you can use the following link to donate: paypal.me/JamSham

Hotels and Whatnot

We unfortunately couldn’t reserve blocks of rooms or secure discounts for our out of town friends, so we recommend shopping around for the best rates. The park is easily accessible from the 5 which runs next to the airport, and is in close proximity to a large number of hotels both in Downtown San Diego and further north in areas like La Jolla and Del Mar. If you would like suggestions or to ask about a hotel location, feel free to reach out to us.

Also, San Diego’s public transit isn’t fantastic, so you will likely need to rent a car to get around.