Cardiac Catharsis

Tam​ showed me the quote from this story a little bit ago, and I thought it was cute. Children frequently give us a fresh, innocent, view of the world, something many of us have long lost the ability to do. Often they give us a whimsical observation (I saw someone mention their daughter proudly exclaiming that she “farted in [her] butt”), but there are times where the youth and innocence of the observer belie the wisdom and depth of their comment. I thought the quote was cute, at the time I didn’t realize how poignant it would turn out to be.

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The story of Milo, a little ball of crazy

I’ll never forget it… I was sleeping soundly one night, oblivious to the world around me, dreaming about whatever I was dreaming of that night, when suddenly I was snapped back into consciousness. It was an odd feeling, it wasn’t like I was jolted awake, where you jump up in your bed, or your eyes snap open to see what’s going on. One second I was deep asleep, my subconscious filling my head with various images and sounds as my brain processed the day, and then suddenly I was pulled into reality, but not in the typical panic-y way that happens when you’re rudely awakened.

Milo isn't too fond of a camera in his face when he's trying to sleep.

Milo isn’t too fond of a camera in his face when he’s trying to sleep.

It wasn’t a sound or motion which woke me, those usually prompt an “OMGWHATISTHAT” type of waking up. It was a smell. A really foul smell to be precise. I immediately knew where it came from, considering the source had been peeling paint for almost his entire life, so I laid with my eyes closed waiting for the smell to dissipate. What felt like minutes passed, but the smell hadn’t faded. My thoughts shifted from waiting for a smell to pass, to worrying about having to clean up a mess, so I slowly opened my eyes. I first noticed a strange black shape in front of my face, but it was hard to make out precisely what it was. I squinted, waiting for my eyes to clarify the world around me… and when they eventually did, the horrifying truth became evident.

An inch or so in front of me was a stubby black tail. So my initial hunch was correct, what I was smelling was a fart. What I didn’t expect was the fact the fart’s source was about 3 inches from my nose.

Milo, my lovable little jerk of a Boston Terrier, had literally farted in my face.

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