Never Ever Tri Anything New on Race Day. Ever. Everevereverever (Mission Bay Triathlon)

Clever use of the “Tri” not withstanding, the lead into this particular post is a very old adage that’s been passed on from coach to racer for millennia. The logic is this: on race day, you’re going to be pushing yourself to the max, dealing with other competitors, and you may have to deal with unforeseen obstacles (flat tire, crash, jellyfish, etc.), so the last thing you want to do is introduce something unfamiliar and only make things more complex. If you decide you’ll use a new pair of shoes, you run the risk of crazy blisters or injuries. If you get a new bike, you could find yourself miserable and slower because of it. If you add new nutrition elements (different type of gel, new sports drink), you could get a wicked case of the “trots” mid race, and brown shorts are no fun.

Or, if you decide to try mounting your bike using a different method than you’re used to, you could end up on the ground. [Keep Reading…]

12 People Get Into a Van (Ragnar Relay: Part 1)

If you sat back and thought about all the birthday gifts you’ve gotten over the years, you’d probably come up with things like toys, clothing, jewelry, a vacation, surprise parties, game consoles, cell phones, bikes, etc. Now, if any of you out there came up with “pile in a van with 12 other people and run for 33 hours straight,” raise your hands… Just one? That’s a shame, because after being one of the 12 people in the van, I have to say it was a heck of a gift.

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